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Mythbusting: CBD, Spicy Food and OIive Oil as Alzheimer’s Prevention?

An old man in a light brown long sleeve and denim pants is sitting on a couch beside a female in a scrub suit while the man is touching his temples on both hands with a look on his face of being confused.

The internet is wonderful and provides us with a lot of useful information. However, it’s important to remember there are myths floating around. For example, there’s no evidence that Parkinson’s can be prevented or reversed, but there are plenty of people who try and suggest it can be. This article explores several common myths and […]

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How to Talk to Someone With Dementia on the Phone

a man with dementia talks on the phone, while his wife sits beside him

When someone has dementia, it can make everyday things like eating, cleaning, and other activities difficult. Even a regular conversation can be harder to follow and participate in.  If you’re talking with your loved one over the phone, the conversation is harder when you aren’t in each other’s presence. How can you make your phone […]

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Can Alzheimer’s Be Reversed?

A senior man sitting on his couch, hunched over, holding his head

Alzheimer’s is scary, overwhelming, and unpredictable. Watching someone you love struggle with the disease is one of the most difficult things a person can experience. It can feel like there is no hope.   Over 5 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s, and while there still isn’t a cure for the disease, there have been incredible advancements […]

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